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How We Work

In a nutshell, Games24x7 is all about awesome game play experiences.

To build these experiences, everyone at Games24x7 constantly puts themselves in the players' shoes. This helps us understand player behavior and anticipate player needs. Bright ideas and out-of-the-box solutions are natural outcomes of this approach which enable us to deliver awesome game play experiences.

How We Work

As much as we value and nurture the creative process that leads to innovative ideas, we know that the key to ongoing improvement in player experience is the process to convert these ideas into workable solutions.

The Games24x7 idea hierarchy is flat and new ideas can come from anywhere but every idea goes through the same process. Ideas must be based on a clear understanding of the problem at hand - almost always backed by data, a clear statement of objective and almost always a precise specification of exactly what player metrics are targeted for improvement. Every change in the product whether it be a core game feature or a critical technology choice or even something to improve customer service efficiency goes through the same rigorous process. People who thrive at Games24x7 see this process as the necessary rigor involved in converting a raw idea into something that has a good shot at improving the game playing experience.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We insist that our engineers are not just writing flawless code and solving complex technicalproblems but are also understanding the specific business problem being solved. This has a fantastic "side effect" wherein engineers can't help but ask.

"But why this approach?", "I don't think players will like that", "Did you know that we have technology to do this in a more efficient way?", and so on.

This open interaction between engineering and the core business teams, adds to the rigor of the process and also ensures the right product-technology trade-offs.

Given our culture of rigor, it is no surprise that we argue a lot and have heated debates in our meeting rooms but once we come out of them, we cool down with a game of Table Tennis or Carrom in our games room or with samosas and a cup of coffee at the cafeteria. On Friday evenings, we stop early and make time for a company-wide tournament - sometimes with Rummy, sometimes 'Call it Right' and more recently on our mobile phones. And then go home for a restful weekend...sometimes.