About Us

Our Exciting Journey

We started in 2006 with a very simple belief- 'People don’t change, times do'.

Being the ardent gamers that we were (and continue to be), we were naturally interested in games, and the period in question was seeing two very significant changes. The first change was that the Indian middle-class had begun to move away from their hometowns in search of a better life and therefore had lesser opportunity and time for the games they enjoyed playing with friends and family. This was an outcome of the massive economic growth that India saw in the 15-year period preceding 2006. The second was the advent of the Internet.

Our mission – leverage technology to bring to people an awesome experience playing games they have always loved and enjoyed – emanated from these two significant changes.

In 2008 we launched RummyCircle.com where we endeavor every single day to deliver the Best Rummy ExperienceTM to our players. RummyCircle.com, with over 2 million registered users, is India's most popular rummy site for free and real money rummy games.

Ultimate Games was established in 2015 in Bangalore, with the goal of replicating our success with Rummy in the broader freemium mobile games space. The current focus at Ultimate Games is on the hugely popular social casino category with games like Teen Patti, Rummy, and Poker. Within 9 months of launch, Ultimate Teen Patti, our first freemium game for the Indian market, became the highest grossing game in the Casino category on the Google Play Store and the number 4 grossing Android app in all of India.

We are passionate about games and not surprisingly are very opinionated about what constitutes good game design and user experience. We never shy away from trying new and radical stuff but we calibrate our aggressive innovative spirit with measurement that inevitably humbles us, teaches us and always improves our ability to deliver an awesome playing experience.

Our operating ethos as a company, irrespective of the product, is grounded deeply in what our players tell us with every click of their mouse. We analyze enormous amounts of data to understand our players’ likes and dislikes and experiment continuously and boldly to improve their playing experience.

The Games24x7 Management Team



Bhavin Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO

 In 2006, Bhavin recognized the vast potential in bringing online games to a nascent market in India and discontinued his fully funded PhD program at New York University to establish the business in Mumbai. Bhavin truly embodies the age old maxim – where there is a will, there is a way. Bhavin’s strength lies in bringing together teams to deliver on exceedingly tough projects and timelines. As good as Bhavin is at organizing and managing people and tasks, his real effectiveness as a leader comes from his unfailing focus on the player. From the very first launch of rummy games on Games24x7.com (now RummyCircle.com) in 2008 to the launch of RummyCircle.com on smart phones in 2014, Bhavin has successfully lead the RummyCircle team from one frontier to another. Bhavin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters degree in Economics from New York University.

Sachin Uppal, Marketing Director

 He joined Games24x7 in 2008 and has more than 11 years of marketing experience. He has delivered business critical goals that have contributed to securing multiple angel and institutional investments, and driven profitability for the company at a very early stage. Sachin combines a keen ability to understand the customer decision making process with a passion for generalized technology solutions to solve marketing needs. This unique skill of Sachin’s has lead to the creation of several “marketing products” at Games24x7, the most successful being the viral friend referral system. Sachin also played a key role in the new and highly simplified communication design for the re-branded site, RummyCircle.com. Sachin’s mantra for the marketing team is to produce measurable, automated and highly scalable marketing campaigns that deliver high ROI.

Prior to Games24x7, he had setup a profitable marketing department at Naseba catering to CXO audiences in Europe, ME, Asia and Africa. He conducted India-wide demand generation campaigns at Texas based National Instruments. He had also contributed to the go-to-market strategy and launch of Wipro’s Hospital-IT system in India and Middle East. Sachin has an engineering degree and a management degree from IIM Calcutta.

Malay Kumar Shukla, Sr. Vice President – Finance, Legal and Compliance

 Malay joined Games24x7 in March 2011 and he has over 16 years of experience in dealing with corporate legal, litigation, regulatory and finance matters. Prior to joining Games24x7, he was heading the corporate legal department of the UK based Vectra Group which had interests in aviation, IT, real estate and automobile manufacturing. Malay, in addition to handling all Indian tax compliance matters, also advises the company on cross border taxation and structuring issues. Malay is a graduate in Economics and Organizational Psychology and also has a degree in law from the University of Lucknow.

Vikas Taneja, CTO

 Vikas is the Chief Technology Officer at Games24x7. Overall, Vikas is responsible for driving technology strategy to build both, a high tech culture and a high tech team. Currently, his focus is on building the online multiplayer games platform for Rummycircle.com which is highly robust and scalable so that it stays ahead of the rapidly growing rummy business. Vikas believes that while innovation is important, it is resilience that separates a successful team from a not so successful one and a successful product from a not so successful one.

Vikas brings with him 16 years of experience in software product development and has spent most of his career growing product startups both in India and in the Bay area.. He has been instrumental is conceptualization, design and execution of both enterprise and consumer products in a variety of domains such as e-commerce, gaming, payment systems, risk analytics, identity and access management to name a few. Vikas has created multi-tenant systems that can support many thousands of users carrying out many millions of transactions everyday. He holds a B Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. In his free time, Vikas takes on fitness challenges which take his body to the extreme and loves living life on the edge. 

Mobile Social Games


Trivikraman Thampy (Vikram), Co-Founder and CEO

 An avid online gamer in his college years, Vikram’s steadfast focus on delivering an awesome playing experience is quite definitively an outcome of his keen perception of what he wants from a game as a gamer. Despite his near sanctimonious deference to data, Vikram believes that the best ideas almost always come out of a keen and in depth understanding of player behavior, and that this requires trusting instincts. Vikram has lead RummyCircle through several rounds of angel funding, two rounds of venture funding, several very successful product releases and marketing campaigns. While Vikram is still involved in the strategic roadmap formulation for RummyCircle, his key area of focus now is the rapidly emerging mobile games space in India. Vikram has an engineering degree from IIT Bombay and a PhD in Economics from New York University.

Avin Sharma, Head of Product Design

 Avin joined Play Games24x7 in early 2011 as a Product Manager and in a span of just 4 years he assumed the responsibility & position of a Product Head. Avin played, and continues to play, a pivotal role in setting up the company's free to play mobile games vertical in Bangalore by single handedly building the product, game design and creative teams. He is currently in charge of the P&L of the company’s latest game, “Ultimate Teen Patti”. A passionate gamer and a perfectionist by nature, and with over 10 years of experience in the game industry, Avin strongly believes that providing newer gameplay experiences via product innovation is very important for attracting players and sustaining their engagement. He imbibed this philosophy in making of the company’s first ever mobile game “Call it Right”, where he took the lead in innovating and creating a card game with a unique blend of trick taking and betting elements.

Earlier, as a Product Manager at Games24x7 for RummyCircle.com, Avin was consistently an integral part of crucial initiatives for new user onboarding, gameplay enhancements and improving player conversions. He led the revamp of the website to it’s current avatar of RummyCircle.com.

Prior to Games24x7, as a Product Manager at Rampgreen Technologies, he conceived and systematized a revolutionary gamification model for call center employees.

Avin was the co-founder of Yellow Monkey Studios, a gaming company that develops games for handheld devices.

He started his career as a Game Designer and Producer at Nazara Technologies where he worked on creating games for various popular franchises such as Archie, Laurel & Hardy, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Rounders (the game was a category finalist at the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2007).

Avin has a management degree from the Indian School of Business.